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Bamboo Toilet Paper

How much to order?
  • Guilt-free TP made with unbleached, silky-strong bamboo fibers. 
  • Three-ply for the cleanest dry.
  • Plastic-free packaging for the world's oceans.
  • BPA-free for bum wellness.

TP Calculator

Never leave your TP roll holder feelin’ empty inside. Get bamboo TP auto-delivered with a subscription, and use this calculator so you know how to rock and TP roll.
You should get:
1 box of 12 rolls every 2 months*
Buy bamboo tp

Bamboo TP cuts down your carbon buttprint.

  • We’re killing trees

    We're quite literally wiping our butts with old, beautiful forests. Every year, traditional TP wipes out 15 million trees.
  • It's time to evolve

    And the traditional TP industry accounts for 15% of deforestation.
  • Bamboo grows fast

    Bamboo grows fast like grass because it is grass! It’s been recorded to grow up to 39 inches per day.
  • Bamboo helps the air

    And compared to equivalent plants like trees, bamboo absorbs 30% more CO2.

Yes, bamboo TP is as soft as a baby panda’s bottom.

Because “soft” to us doesn’t mean a-bunch-of-plies-and-really-flaky. This TP is a silky-strong-kinda-soft so you’re not left with party pooper confetti on your backside.
That means no paper break ups like your ex-TP when patting dry because it is super absorbent. :)

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