Tushy Classic 3.0 White / Bamboo-classic - a classic affordable bidet attachment by TUSHYSale

TUSHY Classic 3.0

The TUSHY Classic 3.0 washes your bum with a refreshing stream of water after you poop.

  • The Smart Spray™ automatic self-cleaning nozzle.
  • The Schmutz Shield™ for easy, crevice-free cleaning.
  • Naturally anti-microbial knobs.
  • Optimized pressure + angle control for a targeted spray on your pooper.
  • Includes everything for an easy install in under 8 ½ minutes.
  • Requires NO electricity or plumbing.
  • 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee.
  • Over 7,500 5-Star Reviews.
  • A good stand-in for your significant other + new features.
  • Includes This #2 Shall Pass book to keep near your toilet so you can stay entertained and informed while passing a #2. ($10 value)
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TUSHY Stand & Tissues

Durable for your bum. Flushable for your toilet. Sustainable for the planet. Stop wasting toilet paper and start saving with TUSHY Stand & Tissues made from the softest, flushable and most sustainable 4-ply bamboo. TUSHY Stand dispenses one tissue at a time and retrains your habits to limit your waste while saving you hundreds of dollars every year!

  • TUSHY Stand
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: When you buy the TUSHY Stand, it comes with 8 BOXES of tissues instead of 2 (you get 6 bonus boxes for free!), a $24 value
  • Each box contains 65 sheets for 32.5 sh*ts
  • 4-ply flushable tissues for a pillow-soft touch
  • Plastic-free packaging for a guilt-free purchase
  • BPA-free for bum wellness
  • Dimensions: 4.8” W x 7.1” D x 25.4” H
  • Pairs perfectly with a TUSHY Bidet
  • No givesies backsies on things that may have touched your butt. All bamboo product sales are final.
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We are obsessed with keeping your butt clean and happy and we know our products can do that. That’s why we use TUSHY in our own lives! If your TUSHY experience is less than perfect, we’ll fix that sh*t… by any means necessary. Just reach out to our Customer Support Poo-rus. Don’t worry, we have your backside.

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