Meet our Give Back Partner: Samagra

How We're Fighting For Dignified Defecation

As much as we like to be cheeky and poo-punny, TUSHY was built on a founding principle: To elevate the bathroom experience for all. This might sound like an idealistic mission too grand for a lil bidet start-up with a funny name to conquer, but our give back partnership with Samagra Sanitation is a yuge part of achieving this goal.

After an eye-opening trip to India, TUSHY founder Miki Agrawal, knew she had a personal and corporate social responsibility to tackle the defecation issues plaguing the country.  

While each TUSHY sold changes the life of the new TUSHY user, it also directly improves the lives of others. Through our give back program, a portion of each TUSHY provides one family in India with access to clean community toilets by partnering with Samagra.

“Okay, but, how does that actually work?” - Your reaction, probably. We’re glad you asked.


How Giving Back to Samagra Empowers New Loo Users

Samagra changes bathroom behavior through education, creating better bathroom environments and building sustainable community toilet systems. By combining user data insights and technology focused on cleanliness improvements (like proper air flow patterns), Samagra builds improved toilet buildings that promote behavior change in slums.

Changing behavior isn’t as simple as building a cleaner bathroom, though. Samagra creates community engagement on the benefits of using the toilets, and offers a “Loo Rewards” system that encourages use through credits for essential services. New toilet users also feel a sense of empowerment and dignity, turning them into ambassadors for the facilities. Additionally, Samagra creates jobs in communities to promote and maintain the facilities.


Give Back Program Success

Over the past year, Samagra has grown from employing a team of 12 to 114. This team supports Samagra toilet facilities that currently serve 150,000 daily users in the slums of Pune, India. By the end of 2017, Samagra wants to reach 500,000 daily users, which would serve 80 percent of Pune’s slums.

Thanks to you, our amazing customers, Our give back program has helped over 60,000 families gain access to clean latrines! Team Tushy and Samagra are thankful for socially conscious consumers like you, who strive to make the world a better place.