Asked Questions

how to bidet
  • What's the problem with using only toilet paper anyway? +
  • Where does the water come from? Isn't it dirty toilet water? +
  • Okay but(t) how do I dry off? +
  • Is the TUSHY Classic water too cold? +
  • Does TUSHY spray warm water or cold water? +
  • How do I clean TUSHY? Doesn't the nozzle get gross? +
  • What's the difference between the Classic and the Spa? +
  • How does the water get hooked up to the TUSHY? +
  • Is there a lefty TUSHY? +
  • Does TUSHY 3.0 require electricity? +
  • Can I attach and remove TUSHY easily? What if I move? +
  • Where does the warm water come from? +
  • Can TUSHY be installed on toilets outside of the U.S. and Canada? +
  • How do I know if it will fit on my toilet? +
  • Does TUSHY fit elongated bowls? +
  • But my toilet doesn't provide easy access to the water supply. Can I still install TUSHY? +
  • I want to buy the TUSHY Spa but my sink's hot water takes forever to heat up? +
  • What are TUSHY 3.0's measurements? +
  • Can I clean more than just my butt with TUSHY? +
  • How is it cleaner? +
  • What exactly are the harmful effects of toilet paper? +
  • Aren't wet wipes just as good as a bidet? +
  • Are bidets good for... you know... butt stuff? +
  • Where's my sh*t? +
  • Can you ship internationally? +
  • What kind of box is TUSHY delivered in? Is the box discreet? +
  • Do you offer gift messaging or gift wrapping? +
  • Can I send one order to multiple addresses? +
  • What's your return policy? +
  • How do I request a return? +
  • Will my TUSHY make it in time for the holidays? +
  • The nozzle isn't moving, help?! +
  • Oh no, I didn't realize you can't hook up the TUSHY Spa warm water connection without the sink close to the toilet. What do I do? +
  • The water used to spray my bum and is now spraying straight down from my nozzle no matter what I do, what gives? +
  • My toilet seat is raising, and not in a raise-the-roof typa way. What can I do? +
  • How much water is used to produce the toilet paper? +
  • Is the bamboo toilet paper made with Rayon? +
  • What kind of process is used for turning bamboo into toilet paper? Do you use chlorine? +
  • Is there formaldehyde in the toilet paper? +
  • Can I adjust my subscription? +
  • Can you ship to my country? +
  • How do I cancel? +
  • How do I track my subscription orders? +
  • Refunds/Returns +

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