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"There is plenty of bidet attachments on the market, but we think the Tushy Spa bidet is an especially great gift, as we found it intuitive, affordable and well-crafted."


"All things considered, I love my little bum sprayer, and there’s not anyone I wouldn’t recommend it to because just about everyone has a bum."


TUSHY Classic 3.0 named 'best overall bidet attachment' for 2022


It might seem like an odd present to give this Valentine’s Day, but trust us, anyone you give a Tushy bidet will be forever grateful. With easy installation and adjustable nozzle, this simple bidet, which we named the best bidet attachment of 2021, will change how you go to the bathroom forever.


A TUSHY bidet attachment if you’ve been with your S.O. so long that you know all their ~dirty~ secrets — including that they don’t wipe well. This’ll leave them with a cleaner crack and help y’all reduce the amount of TP you use.

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