Earth Day Celebray! 5 Ways To Salute Mother Earth

TUSHY Admin | 19 Apr, 2021

Hands with chalk drawing of Earth

We’re heading towards the greenest day of the year. Not 4/20. April 22nd! Earth Day...

Earth Day Celebray! 5 Ways To Salute Mother Earth

19 Apr, 2021

Hands with chalk drawing of Earth

We’re heading towards the greenest day of the year. Not 4/20. April 22nd! Earth Day is just around the corner. 

After a year of being cooped up inside befriending our phones, this is an especially good moment to reconnect with the great outdoors. And it’s a great time to renew your commitment to sustainability, in a celebrate-y way! 

Without further ado, here are five ways to show some 4/22 love to Mother Earth.

Go Into The Woods

Henry David Thoreau. John Muir. Stephen Sondheim (kinda? He owns the phrase “Into The Woods”...). These guys knew: there’s something special about the peace of pure nature. 

Putting your bare feet on the grass changes your whole body. Scientifically, being in nature can lower stress and blood pressure, calm your nervous system and even increase self-esteem (nice!). The benefits of just chilling with Mother Earth are known worldwide; in Japan, they call it forest bathing, which just sounds lovely. 

It’s always a good time to get outside, but especially for Gaia’s birthday. Whether you’re a mountain person or a beach person, or a local park or read in your backyard person, go where you can connect with the elements. Hug a tree, if that’s your thing. (It’s totally our thing, it’s been a long, lonely year.)

Take Sustainability Steps

Remember how you’ve been meaning to stop using single-use plastic? Baby, now is the time. Whatever personal sustainability pledge you’ve been putting off, take action towards it this month. 

Sustainable living is about introducing little habits, and carving out time to make new choices. Dig out your reusable bags from behind the refrigerator. This small action can help Americans cut back on the approximately 100 billion plastic bags we send to landfills every year.

Or in just half an hour, you could unsubscribe to catalogs -- they always end up in the trash, and they cost 100 million trees annually. Or visit your local farmer’s market for local produce (with your reusable bags!). Or take on TUSHY’s 30 Day Sustainability Challenge! The options are practically endless, which can be intimidating or fun. We choose fun!

Tune in To Earth Day 2021

Y’all, it’s a summit! World climate leaders, activists, influencers, non-profit leaders and musicians are gathering. For the second year in a row, Earth Day will be conducted digitally. So the panel discussions and workshops about restoring Earth’s ecosystems will be available to anyone with an internet connection. The party starts at 12p ET online. Local organizations and activists are also hosting in-person Earth Day celebrations. You can find the full list of sanctioned events on the Earth Day website. We’re actually looking for an Earth Day howl naked under the moon sort of gathering, let us know if you see any listings!

Get Your Hands Dirt-y

There’s an old saying about planting seeds. How does it go… Ah, yes: When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life. Wait… No. But close! 

Getting our hands in the dirt connects us to the processes of life. If you have access to a yard, consider planting herbs, veggies or flowers. If you’re a city slicker, read up on urban gardening and start on your roof or in your window sill. There are many ways to lead with your green thumb, and none will lead you astray. Unless your thumb is literally green and it won’t wash off -- in that case, you need to see a doctor.

Advocate For A Better Earth Future

Enacting your civil responsibilities is grown up sh*t, and we love seeing it.

The policies and legislation being enacted today will have huge long-term consequences. Sure this is a little corny, but: your voice matters. 

Like, the Biden Administration is refusing to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline. You can tell President Joe that this pipeline has no place in our fossil-free future. Also, mayoral elections are coming up in many cities. This is a great time to support local candidates with green job plans. You can learn about current impact issues and sign environmental petitions on Or you can put your money where your values are by donating to high-impact organizations fighting climate change. Think of the donation as buying a Chili’s gift card for Mother Earth’s bday, but way better.

Ending With A Toast To Mother Earth

We want to give a special thanks to Mother Earth for her abundance and sustenance. Getting more connected to our planet is a practice, and we do our best to walk the walk. TUSHY is always committed to sustainability, and also 100% down to pop champagne for Gaia. To learn more about how TUSHY helps save trees and water, check out our bidet sustainability stats (and considered getting yourself a sustainable butt-fountain of your very own!). 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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