Skirted Toilet Kit for 3/8" Connections

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This Skirted Toilet Kit, U.S.A./Canada edition is used to hook up your TUSHY if you have a tricky (but always fashionable) skirted toilet where you can’t get to your toilet tank's connection. (If you're in California, please check if your connection is a 1/2" connection.) This kit comes with a brass 3/8" T-adapter and a set of screws.

The br-ASS T-adapter is a compression fitting, just like the provided mega adapter. (That's the white thing that came with your TUSHY.) It can be used for cool connections on the toilet connection at the angle valve. It can also be used if the spacing between your angle valve and toilet tank doesn't fit the mega adapter provided. (Again, that's the white thing.) Here's what you get:

  • Durable brass mini adapter
  • 3/8” compression on all sides
  • Includes rubber washer
  • Items may ship separately

Our universal top-tightening toilet screws can replace your existing toilet screws, especially if they're too short once the TUSHY is installed on your bowl. Perfect for the toilet where you can't reach underneath the bowl. Here's what you get: 

  • 2x 2.75" long M6 screws
  • 2x expanding rubber nuts
  • 2x metal washers
See how our Installation Guide, Carrie, installs a TUSHY on a skirted toilet using these parts.

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