Bidets Help During Pregnancy and Postpartum


Giving birth is one of the most magical, beautiful, powerful… and kind of messy experiences a woman can go through. The female body has super powers that bump into high gear when it comes to caring for your newborn. Then there are the not so cool aspects of childbirth that no one seems to want to talk about or assist with.

Luckily, that’s where a TUSHY bidet comes in.

We need extra help with cleanliness before, during and after pregnancy. The gentle cleansing of the TUSHY provides benefits during pregnancy like comfort and relief.

There are also extreme physical changes that occur during the first few weeks after giving birth, many of which can be comforted by the TUSHY and TUSHY Spa. A few include:



Oh you know, painful burning sensations, itching, swelling and bleeding all coming from your butt. Hemorrhoids suck when you’re not pregnant. When you are, they are a pain in the ass. Literally. They develop due to increased weight gain during pregnancy.

Toilet paper often exacerbates hemorrhoid symptoms. The TUSHY eliminates the need for abrasive toilet paper and keep the affected area clean, providing comfort and relief from tenderness and irritation during your pregnancy.


The changing shape and increased weight gain during pregnancy can make it awkward and difficult for expecting mothers to reach back there. It’s almost like there’s another human being growing inside of you, preventing you from properly cleaning yourself. Oh… wait. There is.

The TUSHY bidet’s provide excellent cleansing for both your lips and your cheeks.




The term “lochia” is the bleeding that occurs as the uterus sheds its lining after the birth. This occurs whether the birth is vaginal or cesarean. While women have traditionally been told to expect their lochia to last for 10 to 14 days, recent studies have indicated that most women experience lochia for at least a month after the delivery and many for as long as six weeks.

This means extra feminine cleaning is needed for mama’s postpartum. Luckily, the TUSHY delivers that postnatal care while you’re busy being the wonder woman you are.


Postpartum, your perineum may have swelling, bruising, or other complications that can be soothed by the TUSHY. Basically, TUSHY will treat you like a Queen.



The doctor will want to ensure that there aren’t any delivery-related bladder problems caused by trauma to the area during delivery, the effects of certain anesthetics, and all that yadayadayada.

The TUSHY delivers unparalleled hygiene for urinary clean-up.

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