Ass Blast Console Sticker

Classic 3.0 Classic 3.0
Spa 3.0 Spa 3.0
Classic (ORIGINAL) Classic (ORIGINAL)

Ass Blast Console Sticker

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Ass Blast Console Sticker

  • Classic 3.0

  • Spa 3.0

  • Classic (ORIGINAL)

  • Spa (ORIGINAL)

Product Details and Features

ASS BLAST! WATER BLASTIN’ YOUR ASS CLEAN! *80s guitar lick* Reddit has spoken and they’ve decided that the maximum TUSHY bidet pressure be dubbed ASS BLAST and we couldn’t agree more. Go from zero to ASS BLAST in a second with this ASS BLAST decal sticker. Easily add and remove it from your TUSHY console.

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What version do I have?

Give your TUSHY a face lift!

Give yourself a little giggle every time you spray your butt with this easy-to-apply, removable sticker.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure which sticker to order. What model of the TUSHY bidet do I have?

TUSHY Classic and Spa (Original)

  • • Squared Flanges
  • • Pressure Knob “Off” is Centered
  • • Embedded Angle Adjuster

TUSHY Classic and Spa 3.0

  • • Rounded Flanges with Schmutz Shield™
  • • Pressure Knob “Off” is Left
  • • Raised Angle Adjuster

How do I put the sticker on my bidet?

  1. Cut out the dashed circles above using a razor blade or scissors.
  2. Remove the knob(s) by pulling them upward from the console; A credit card can help pry it up, and if it's extra stubborn, you can use a flathead screwdriver.
  3. Make sure the console is squeaky clean and dry!
  4. Peel the backing off of the sticker and line it up evenly over the console.
  5. Start at the bottom pressing around the Spray Angle Adjuster and then work your way up to avoid bubbling.
  6. Press the knobs back onto the console.
  7. All done!

How do I remove the TUSHY knobs?

You can use a credit card or something flat to slide underneath the knobs and pop them off. Then just push them back on once you’ve applied the sticker! Check out our step by step video tutorial here.

Oh no, I messed it up!

Not to worry, you can slowly peel it off and re-apply!

My parents are visiting. Can I take it off?

You sure can! Take your knob(s) off (just as you did when putting the sticker on), then carefully peel it off from the corner and pull slowly, and that will leave your TUSHY in its original condition. It will not peel the paint off.

What is the sticker made out of?

Vinyl and adhesive.

What are the dimensions of the sticker?

TUSHY Classic 3.0 and TUSHY Spa 3.0 Dimensions: 2.72" x 5.67"

TUSHY Classic (Original) and TUSHY Spa (Original) Dimensions: 2.76" x 5.7887"

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