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Clean on the go!

TUSHY Travel

TUSHY Travel

Completely portable and simple to use - no batteries required.



TUSHY Ottoman Offer

TUSHY Ottoman

You're cleaning the right way, you should poop the right way!


$69 special offer
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TUSHY is donating 5% of regularly-
priced bidet sales throughout May!

  • 1 million + butts switched to TUSHY bidet
Help every butt
feel at home.
TUSHY is giving away 10,000
Classic Bidets to Airbnb hosts!
  • 1 million + butts switched to TUSHY bidet

Pooping is belonging


Give your guests the best welcome of their lives. Upgrading your Airbnb with TUSHY Bidet says "I care about your comfort even more than a 5-star hotel." It installs on your existing toilet in under 8 minutes (no plumber required) and puts your listing on a pedestal for life. Be one of the 10K hosts to help guests feel healthier and more at home while they travel.

Airbnb hosts are eligible for a full refund on the TUSHY Classic 3.0. Once installed, hosts must complete the requirements below to receive a refund. Refunds will be processed within 3-4 weeks.


Eligibility requirements

  1. Must be an active Airbnb host with a rating of 4 stars or more AND 10 or more reviews
  2. Install your TUSHY Bidet in your Airbnb property
  3. Update your listing with a photo of the installed TUSHY bidet AND a shoutout in the description
  4. Be sure to share your Airbnb listing link on the form included on this site.

Terms and conditions apply. See here for more details. Reimbursement form Here


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars

We made our best-selling bidet even better! The TUSHY Classic 3.0 bidet cleans your butthole with fresh water, the same as your sink or shower. (Never the bowl!) Now with a slimmer design, easier installation and improved nozzle spraying.


Rated #1 bidet attachment

"...compact, easy to use, and ingenious."

"...reduce bathroom time, mess, and waste..."

"It's about time the bidet made a comeback."

"…am shocked to say it actually changed my life."

"...the most radical thing for derrière self-care..."

"Tushy's Classic Bidet will convert them."

"There's no going back."