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Last year, BUTT-CON brought together the best assholes from across every butt-obsessed industry.

This year, BUTT-CON is going digital!
Turn off Buttflix! Pause hBMmax! Cancel Poo-lu.


BUTT-CON: The Stream is a two-hour digital event strictly dedicated to rumps, humps and dumps. Expect deeper conversations about bowel health. Experience interactive fitness routines focused on those glutes. Learn from top doctors, experts, and celebs about all the things you can’t talk about with your friends.

Butt who?!

Starring butt buffs

Big Freedia
Dr. Mark Hyman
Miki Agrawal
Tracy Piper
Van Seco
Dr. Evan Goldstein
Teffi Pessoa
Dr. Miami
Starr Hawkins
Iv Fisher
Tayo Ishola
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Butt when?!

Stream this epic, educational and eye-opening journey of booty discovery

Fart One:

Fart One: Global Guts and Butts

What makes the gut go ‘round? Learn the inner workings of the bowels and how your gut affects your butt.

Fart Two:

Fart Two: Cheeks, Freaks and Geeks

Exploring the cultural impact of the ass through the lens of fitness, iconization and appropriation.

Fart Three:

Fart Three: Butt Sex and the Shitty

A Crash Course in all things butt-sex. Are your cheeks blushing?

Get your back row seats For the best view
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