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The Asshole Challenge

Asshole Campaign

I've been an asshole. We all have at some point in our lives. We tell ourselves stories like "we were right to be assholes" or "we needed to have last word" or "we feel justified for it" or we simply wanted to dominate the moment. Well, there is always a cost.

The cost is a feeling of true, deep liberation, vitality, well-being, and happiness.

We know that acting like an asshole is never really a good thing. It's like eating McDonalds at 3am - you get momentary gratification but then you have diarrhea afterwards.

So, this holiday season, Team TUSHY challenges you to own up to it and reach out to the people you've been a butt to. Let's clean up our shit and flush it all away.

When you do, you'll feel more complete, have a sense of lightness and readiness to invite in new, exciting possibilities for yourself, instead of dragging around old, poopy negative stories that don't serve you.

Set an example,
be courageous and:

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Make a Change

We've all been assholes this year. Here's the first step to changing that.

Spread the Word

Once you've submitted, challenge 3 more people to be courageous and do "The Asshole Challenge".

Clean Forever

And now it's time to clean up your other asshole forever. Go to

Simple Script:

I've been acting as if ____________ ("I was right" or "I'm the angel" or "I did nothing wrong" etc) in X situation (describe what happened a bit if you can).

When really I feel _______ ("hurt" or "sad" or "embarrassed" or "heart broken" etc) by what happened because ____________.

The consequence of me not telling the truth of how I really feel is I acted like an asshole.

And I am sorry about that and for any hurt, confusion or anger that it might have caused you.

What I would really love to feel is _____________ ("peaceful" or "fulfilled" or "courageous" or "confident" or "whole") and put the poopy story I have about this to rest.

By owning up to my asshole and flushing the shit away, I would love to open up the possibility to ___________ ("find true love for myself" or "fully trust myself" or "be light and happy" or "have a friendship with you" or "be a compassionate person”).

End with something you like about the other person.

Do you have questions for the TUSHY team? You can check out our FAQs, email us at or just fill out the form below!