Put every butt
on the nice list

Be remembered as the one who got

them the best gift of their hole life

A gift that’s used
morning, noon, and night.

universal fit

Attaches to existing thrones and fits 95% of American toilets.


CNN’s butts rated TUSHY one of the Best Tested Bidets of 2023.

8½ min diy install

No extra plumbing or fussy electrical needed to install.


TUSHY appears in over 150 holiday gift guides.

TUSHY Classic 3.0

(17674 Reviews)

Our best-selling bidet attachment.

TUSHY Ottoman

(773 Reviews)

The stool that gets your stool flowing.

13,900+ 5-star reviews

Review by  Michelle l.daughter of the year

“This is the ONLY present I’ve ever given my dad that he didn’t complain about. Apparently the way to my dad’s heart was through his butt.”

 Michelle l.daughter of the year
Review by mike l.    environment & butt enthusiast

“This is a hilarious and practical gift. I love the environmental aspect and also the butt aspect.”

mike l. environment & butt enthusiast
Review by  laura p.   wife of drama king

“My husband said the 3 greatest gifts I’ve given him: my heart, our daughter, and the TUSHY. I thought maybe he was being dramatic but I get it!”

 laura p. wife of drama king