You've Been Pooping All Wrong!

Corin Wells | 06 Nov, 2019

You've Been Pooping All Wrong!

You're about to have your behind blown.

If there’s one thing we all know how to do, it’s take a dump. We’ve been doing it since birth. It is the one thing, aside from breathing, that we didn’t need to be taught how to do, right? Well, what if I told you that you’ve actually been pooping wrong. 

We’ve all seen a western toilet before; the porcelain throne at which we all lay down our smelly offerings. Well, it turns out, that toilets aren’t designed with our best pooping interests in mind...or behind.  When we stand up or sit down, there's a kink in our lower gut that stops us from pooping all willy nilly, which is a good thing. We can’t just all be walking around letting loose. But when you do want to go, and you sit on a toilet at a 90-degree angle, your intestines aren’t positioned in the most effective way to allow your poop to flow properly, forcing you to strain. This straining can perpetuate diverticulosis, swollen tissue, and blood vessels around your colon and anus (hemorrhoids) and really unhappy b-holes.  

So what is the best way to poop? Squatting! A study published in 2010 in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms supports the idea that squatting increases the anorectal angle — the bend between the anus and the rectum — which reduces the strain associated with bowel movements.


Squatting toilets, also known as Turkish toilets, are used throughout the world. In Asia, some public restrooms offer stalls with Western porcelain flush toilets, as well as stalls with squatting toilets in which users plant their feet over an opening in the floor and squat. Squatting toilets can be found in many countries, including Japan, Russia, and France. But what if you don’t have access to a squatting toilet and you don’t want to use the rogue buckets lying around your house?



Meet the TUSHY Ottoman toilet stool that transforms your toilet into squat central. Plus, it’s super comfy for your feet and beautiful to look at. It’s like a modern art-deco piece of furniture… but for your bathroom. The TUSHY Ottoman positions your body at a 35-degree angle which is ideal for maximum poop ease. And it's only $69. Start pooping the right way with TUSHY Ottoman. 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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