Tighten Those Cheeks

Corin Wells | 10 Jan, 2018

For those of us who have tried everything from Insanity to Kanye's workout plan.

The post-holiday blues can be quite unbearable. You’re getting those Christmas credit card bills, you’re back at work and you’ve noticed you’ve gain a bit more… of yourself around the hind regions. With that said, there is something about entering a new year that gives you the drive and ambition to set goals, dream big and sign up for a gym membership. But who has the time and who can afford another monthly bill?

If you’re looking to tone your booty for little to no cost, Team TUSHY has you covered. Here are a few of our favorite gymless workouts that will tone your gluteus maximus into rock hard buns o’ steels. And if you're looking for ways to move your body to get your bowels moving, head here.

1) Walk To Your Destination

If you’re a city dweller, opt to walk instead of taking public transportation. For the suburbanites and rural folk, you can incorporate this into your errand time by parking further away from the store and walking with a little pep in your step. Not to mention, you won’t be fighting people for the closest parking spot anymore.

2) Literally RUN Errands

This takes our first suggestion and amps it up a bit. Once the walk from the car to the store becomes too easy, start jogging but be careful to watch for cars. This makes more efficient use of your time.

3) Pedal to the Metal

Take your bike instead of your car when running errands. Bikes are perfect for working your legs and hinds parts. You will be getting in some much needed exercise while your body burns fat and tones your bottom.

4) Stairway to Healthy

Avoid using the elevator or escalators. They’re very dangerous anyway, imo. Taking the stairs help increase energy consumption while building your muscles and helping your body burn fat.

5) Carry On

Ditch that push cart and just lift your grocery bags on the way back home. Think of it as lifting weights outside the gym but for a more practical purpose.

Finally, once you’ve done all of these practical workouts for your booty, clean it with TUSHY, the modern bidet attachment that gives your bootious maximus the clean it deserves after a long productive workout.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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