Shart Week

Corin Wells | 25 Jul, 2017

From the murky fathoms below, a monster so terrible lurks just under the surface ready...

It’s Shark Week, boys and girls. It’s that time of year where we pay homage to nature’s most wonderful and terrifying creatures on this planet by binging hours of Discovery Channel programming about, you guessed it... SHARKS! America’s fascination has grown from a minnow sized interest to a Great White sized obsession. Whether it be going to a Jaws-themed party, dressing up as Left Shark for Halloween, or watching the world’s greatest swimmer “race” a shark, we cannot get enough of these dangerous fish. Even though the ocean is home to more than 1 million known species of plants and marine life, there is something more deadly in our ocean than sharks: wet wipes. These strangely moist rags have been wreaking havoc on our beaches and seas for years. We at TUSHY want to make sure we’re all doing our part in keeping the ocean safe for us and our nautical friends. Here are a few reasons why you should also eliminate using these weird wet wads:

1. Wet Wipes aren’t Friends or Food.

The Guardian referred to wet wipes as “The Biggest Villain of 2015” (sorry Kim Jung-Un). Most wet wipes contain plastic fibers that aren’t biodegradable, so when they make their way into the ocean, they get ingested by sea creatures.

2. 1 Wipe, 2 Wipe…

...Red wipe, brown wipe! The Marine Conservation Society volunteers have picked up wet wipes on beaches at a rate of about 70 wipes per mile. That’s an insane amount of used soggy poop cloth littering our beaches. Not only is that unsafe for wildlife, but it’s pretty unsafe for beach goers. I’d rather accidentally step on jelly-fish species than a napkin full of feces.

3. Water We Doing?

Wet wipes also contain chemicals that aren’t suitable for human skin, let alone babies’ bottoms. Aside from the long list of questionable chemicals that could lead to cancer, they also contain artificial fragrances that can cause allergic reactions in children and adults. Not to mention, they don’t provide the best clean for your rump. They have been linked to yeast infections and UTIs. No one wants that.

So do the ocean, and yourself, a solid and eliminate wet wipes from your vocabulary. Start using TUSHY. It will limit your wet wipe usage, give you a better clean after you poo, and possibly save the ocean.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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