Get Out What You Put In This Holiday Season

Corin Wells | 29 Nov, 2017

If you eat consciously, you'll have have healthy poops. If you eat like crap, you'll...

One holiday feast down this year, 321 more to go it seems. If your family is anything like mine, the amount and variety of food that you ingest at Thanksgiving dinner is almost shameful. And to think….we have a whole season of this. All of the rich, tasty, dense holiday food may produce some less than familiar types of poops and possibly some digestion issues.

Here are a few tips to fill your gut and your butt with good cheer this holiday season.

1. Know your body. Certain foods combined with holiday stress can trigger digestive issues, but everyone is unique. If you know eating that extra slice of honey ham will spike your blood pressure, say NO. If you know what triggers your tummy woes, listen to your body and keep them off your plate or at least cut back a little. Indulge but don’t over-indulge.

2. Exercise. During the holidays, don’t skip out on your workout. You’ll definitely be tempted to lounge around after eating piles of food. Try taking a walk instead of just plopping on the couch. Lying down will increase the likelihood of heartburn as stomach acids can travel up the esophagus more easily

3. More Fiber! Most holiday meals lack one very important nutrient: fiber. Without fiber, digestive systems slow down, causing constipation. Fill up on fiber-rich fruits and veggies like pears, greens and broccoli to stay regular.

4. Pump the brakes. When you eat, pace yourself. It can be hard not to shovel food from your plate to your mouth but you should take your time while eating. Eating too much too fast can slow down digestion and lead to constipation and stomach pain. It doesn’t hurt to take a minute to enjoy the wonderful flavors of the holiday.

Last but not least, enjoy the holidays and add a little more joy to your butt world with TUSHY. After every poo, clean your butt the right way with the modern attachable bidet that washes your booty way better than any toilet paper could.

Stop wiping and start washing.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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