Allergic to Being Constipated

Corin Wells | 05 Apr, 2018

Seasonal allergies are the worst. A runny nose and burning eyes all because the trees want to procreate and literally spread their seed about the Seven Kingdoms. Can’t be mad at that but our histamines sure seem to be. They’re the ones that are overreacting. When we think of seasonal afflictions, allergies are at the top of the list but did you know some people suffer from something even more dreadful than a stuffed nose? Some people suffer from a stuffed butt, so to speak.

Seasonal constipation would mean that the bowel habit has become abnormal during certain periods in the year. It would meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Passing stool less than three times in a week.
  • Experiencing difficulty (straining) to pass stool.
  • Passing stool that is hard in consistency.

Seasonal constipation is not a medical diagnosis. It is just constipation linked to a time of the year when you regularly experience constipation due to a switch in your diet and lifestyle, but may at times even be associated with environmental factors like cold and sunlight.

Constipation that tends to occur in winter may arise for a number of reasons. Apart from the medication-induced causes, there are also other dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors that also play a role. Higher intake of caffeinated beverages like coffee and alcohol consumption play a large role. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can also cause constipation… because of course it can.  Another major factor is the seasonal availability of high fiber foods like fresh fruit and vegetables.

Constipation during the summer months is usually a result of specific dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors associated with this time of the year. Higher intake of cold beverages and certain alcoholic beverages in the hot weather can lead to constipation. Perspiration and loss of fluids during physical activity

If you experience these seasonal butt allergies, it can be fairly easily treated without medication. Increase your water intake to  2 to 2.5 liters per day or drink at least 8, 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Staying active throughout the year with dedicated exercise time irrespective of the weather can also keep your bowel movements easy. Try to maintain a constant intake of fiber throughout the year even with seasonal variation of available foods. Lastly, try not to overindulge in the fine wine and spirits at the company cookout… or the company Christmas party… or the weekly company meeting. Everything in moderation.

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