Wedding Gifts for Millennials

Corin Wells | 16 May, 2018

Avoid giving a sh*tty gift. What do you get as a wedding gift for someone...

Wedding Gifts for Millennials

16 May, 2018

Oh, look at this. Another wedding invite from a high school friend you occasionally share memes with on Instagram. Their colors are lilac and yellow. Cute? Before you check yes on that RSVP postcard, you realize: 1. You don’t get a plus one. (Not that you have one, but you would have loved the option. Rude.) 2. You have to buy yet another gift for yet another person that you used to know and their future spouse who vaguely resembles your high school softball coach. Telling.

Not knowing what to get millennial couples for their special day is a tale as old as mason jar cocktails. Especially when your relationship with the couple-to-be is a political tweet shy of being non-existent. Sure you could go the simple route and send a Venmo but how do you put a dollar amount on an acquaintanceship? You could also scroll through their registry, but a Black+Decker Power Drill seems more like a gift from their Uncle Steve, not like a gift from that chick they smoked their first clove cigarette with. Here is a list of a few unconventional but practical wedding gifts for the millennial newlyweds you barely hang out with but love to follow on Instagram.



A bidet attachment that’s both affordable but attractive enough to compliment your bathroom is hard to come by. That’s where TUSHY bidet comes in. Most couples are looking to deck out their love nest post-wedding, whether it be a new space or one they’ve been in for a while. What better upgrade than TUSHY bidet? It’s practical, yet inexpensive and … kind of funny. The bride and groom will love that your thinking about their buttholes.

2. Follows

According to the New York Post, one in two millennials has a side hustle. Whether it be a jewelry line on Etsy or designing websites for friends, millennials are finding ways to bring in extra cash and build passion projects. Giving your friends brand an extra boost on social media with an influencer endorsement or a little paid-promotion could prove to be a gift that keeps retweeting. There is nothing nobler than using one’s own side hustle to help another.

3. Anniversary Wine Box

Wine is everyone’s best friend. If you disagree… well, you’re doing wine wrong. With this gift, the couple celebrates their 1st, 3rd and 5th wedding anniversary. An anniversary wine box is a great gift because it says that you believe this marriage will last for at least five years.

4. An Experience

If you know where a couple is going on their honeymoon, hop on Viator or Groupon to see what that city has to offer as far as excursions or daytime activities. Are they going to Ireland? Get them a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher! Are they going to Tokyo? Sign them up for a Karaoke Bar Crawl. Are they going to New Jersey? Tell them to go somewhere else.

5. TUSHY Travel

And if you can't figure out the right experience, you can always ensure their bathroom experience is up to par when traveling with TUSHY Travel. Pooping on your honeymoon is not something we talk about but it's something that happens. This gift will not only improve their vacation... but dare I say, it will improve their relationship. 

So go ahead and confidently check “Duh-doy” on the RSVP card. Now, you just have to find a dress cute enough to snag someone at the singles table without outshining the bridal party.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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