Weather forecasts might actually be accurate now?

18 May, 2017

O(xygen) no! 
  1. The Ocean Is Losing Oxygen.

Researchers from the University of Exeter say we’re taking the ocean’s breath away… and not in a good way. The ocean naturally goes through anoxic events — where anoxia, the depletion of oxygen, occurs — and hasn’t been low on the big O for about 183 million years, when the last anoxic event took place. But, scientists say the world’s oceans are on the edge of anoxia. They say recovering from such an event would take nearly one million years, allowing for oxygen to build up in the atmosphere to oxygenate our ocean. Unfortunately, that’s a lil too long for some of us. The scientists suggest we stop carbon-ing up the atmosphere if we want to keep an oxygen-healthy ocean. Add this to your list of reasons to go green.

Satellite of my life.
  1. A New Satellite Just Took The Most Detailed Photos Of Earth Ever.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) launched one of four new satellites to take high resolution photos of Earth in 2016 — and the first photos were just sent back. I mean, just look at that PLANET! So pretty from over 22,000 miles above. But, that’s not the point. Images from the satellites will be used to identify features of potentially deadly storms, and provide increased weather forecasting accuracy. In this instance, an Earth selfie could really save a life. Thanks for the great work, NOAA!

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