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These caterpillars can eat and break down plastic. Woah.

This is great until they start eating dolls' heads off.
  1. Caterpillars Have The Plastic Munchies.

    A new study, published in Current Biology, has found larvae of the moth are craving something other than their normal beeswax snack: Plastic. Researchers say these truly hungry caterpillars are able to break down the chemical bonds of plastic polyethylene — you know, that really awful stuff plastic bags are made of that we fill our oceans with. Although the Cambridge University team is optimistic about the finding (duh) and will be focusing on discovering how this process works, don’t go throwin’ your iced coffee cup in the woods just yet. In the meantime, let’s figure out how to make eating plastic in the larvae community as trendy as a certain unicorn-themed beverage in the Homosapiens community.

Color me blue bc we're about to be underwater.
  1. The Climate Change Coloring Book.

Okay, we know the coloring book trend has subsided — but this is the best one yet (and is also really terrifying). Data artist and computer scientist Brian Foo is currently crowdfunding for a coloring book that artfully communicates the dangers of climate change. The project is an art piece in itself, even without being colored-in. Coloring books have been used as a tool to ease stress in our otherwise overly-stressful lives, and this project combines those easing qualities with data visualizations that are actually really stressful bc we're destroying our planet in very visible ways. Foo wants the Climate Change Coloring Book to serve as an engaging information resource: “If you can sit with a particular issue like climate change, it might reinforce the information and give you the time to reflect on the underlying issues.”

TP is only this pretty when it's made by a bidet company.
  1. If Your Butt Didn't Hear: We Launched Bamboo TP!

Speaking of products that challenge convention and have to do with sustainability (awk but very relevant segue)... we officially launched bamboo toilet paper this week!! This new TP roll out signals a turning point in pooping history to the availability of a *fully* healthy and sustainable bathroom routine. After washing clean with TUSHY bidet, you just pat dry with the most sustainable luxe TP on Earth that helps preserve planet Earth.

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