The Agrawal Twins on Motherhood

Corin Wells | 09 May, 2019

The Agrawal Twins on Motherhood

The Agrawal Twins on Motherhood

09 May, 2019

agrawal babies
Miki and Radha Jan 26, 1979

 Miki, Founder of TUSHY, author of Disrupt-her:

With Mother's Day approaching and this being the second Mother's Day for me (cue breakfast in bed and massages), I realized that I don't really consider having a kid that much different to starting my businesses that serve people and the planet. It all fulfills me. Societal preconditioning likely infers that I'm supposed to say "My kid trumps it all" and he does in many ways, like I kept him alive for 14 months on my breast milk and shower him with love and teach him new things every day, and sing to him when he is crying or tired and laugh with him when he is happy (which is most of the time!) but my social enterprises also require so much of my energy as I birth them into the world, and they need me to feed them and clean up their poop and nurture them and grow them too. And I love serving them all because they're all my babies in their own right. One day Hiro will grow up and he won't need me at all. Same with my businesses. One day they will grow up and I will be replaced by a different girlfriend or boyfriend, and I will then have space to birth something new.

In my most recent book Disrupt-Her, I dedicate my book to Hiro saying "Hiro, I hope to never lose myself for you, because the more me I can be, the more I can inspire you to be you." And I see the result of that with my own two eyes. As Hiro sees me happy and fulfilled, I see him happy and fulfilled. We are mirrors to each other.

Also, it really does "take a village" for both babies and businesses. I have a dedicated A+ nanny who loves Hiro like her own and takes unbelievable care of him (and US!) and I feel very lucky to have her in our lives, as the Managing Director of Hiro Happy :-) I have an incredible team at TUSHY who take great care of that business baby and I get to really dream and play with them all, along with new babies that are incubating in my belly, both human (soon) and product form. 

Andrew, Hiro, Miki

As more people ask me "how do I juggle being a mom and an entrepreneur", I simply say, " ya just need one more set of systems that need to be put in place" and you figure out what that system is to allow it to hum in the way you want.

In other news, I have a personal blog called MIKI's MONTHLY MUSINGS where I share my timely thoughts, ideas, new products that I am dreaming up and launching with my teams, as well as new products and/or services that I am not necessarily working on myself but I think are changing the game in the categories of personal development, innovation, societal disruption, and sustainability. You will only receive an email once a month from me, so drink these musings in when they come into your inbox.


Team Agrawal-Horn

Having TUSHY Travel has been GAME CHANGING for us because we can literally wash and dry his butt really fast (with our TUSHY bamboo butt towels of course!) from anywhere and feel like we don’t need to buy wasteful, expensive wet wipes all the time, which actually strip away the natural oils from our babies’ bottoms, which cause rashes, which keep them up at night, which keep us parents up at night too! TUSHY Travel to the rescue! :-)

Also, watching my identical twin sister Radha (who I was in the womb with, which blows my mind now that I had ONE in my belly) also give birth, was WILD. Because we’re identical twins, our babies are genetically half-siblings! Hiro LOVES Solei and calls her “Lolei” and it’s the most adorable thing ever seeing them together. 

This is the video of Hiro meeting Solei for the first time!


Radha, Founder of Daybreaker, author of Belong:

I just gave birth three months ago to my soulmate and biggest teacher. The way she sees the world with pure love and zero judgment, the way she looks at me adoringly even with tired disheveled hair, the way she holds my hand and squeezes my fingers so tight, the way she eats as if it's her last meal, every action she does with purity, intensity and curiosity it's truly amazing. She doesn't hold back as adults "learn" to. She lives in true and full integrity at all times, in every sense of the word. I'll never forget the first time she pooped and the look on her face. In my womb, pooping wasn't a "thing"! It was hilarious and I still remember the look of confusion on her face as she realized she was in a whole new world and "stuff" came out of her. I remember thinking, "wow, for the rest of her life now, she is going to eat food, process it and poop and will never have an umbilical cord doing all of this for her again." 

Soleï and Radha

Also! Being a mom with my twin sister Miki (and Founder of TUSHY!:)) has also been so incredibly exciting and it's been one of the best gifts for our relationship too! Motherhood tends to heal wounds and gives a new meaning and perspective to any relationship, especially twin sisters! I feel like we are on the same team like never before with the shared goal of leaving the world a better place for our children.

Soleï in 2019

Miki (left) and Radha (right) sometime in 1979.

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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