Spring Cleaning Inside and Out

Corin Wells | 20 Mar, 2018

The Purge: Spring Cleaning. One day a year, all uncontrollable weeping is legal.

Spring Cleaning Inside and Out

20 Mar, 2018

With the Daylight Savings beginning, the winds of winter begin to subside and the promise of spring greets us as we emerge from the long winter. I hope you read that like a maester of the citadel. The beautiful experience is immediately marred by the crap we put off all winter. Waiting for us, along with springtime fun are a film of dust on all of your furniture, an entire smorgasbord in the crevices of your couch and a now sepia colored area rug that ...might have been white at some point. Let the Spring Cleaning commence! Before you bust out the Swiffer Wet Jet and the go all Mary Kondo on that ass, consider doing a little physical Spring cleaning as well in the form of some well-deserved self-care.

If you’re anything like me and 20% of the population, you may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal affective disorder… appropriately called SAD is a form of depression in which people experience depressive episodes during specific times of the year most commonly during winter months. Some attribute this to the lack of sunlight and cold weather that inhibits physical activity. Give your brain some time in the sun whenever you can even if it’s just to stand and face the sky. Daylight Savings Time is letting us play with the sun a little longer before it goes to bed. Take advantage of it!

You’ve definitely accumulated a lot of stuff over the winter, especially with gift giving season. You may also be feeling like you’ve accumulated a bit of weight… thanks again to gift giving season. I personally think you look UH-mazing but in the event that you aren’t feeling like your best self, what better time than this to bring your healthy back? Comfort foods that made us all warm and fuzzy on the inside through February may have stayed with us a bit longer than we’d like. Now that it’s getting warmer, start adding those nutrient-packed spring and summer veggies into your diet. With the warmer weather, you’ll definitely want to start adding more fresh raw fruits and veggies. There’s nothing like a fork full of cool leafy greens or a frozen fruit smoothie to make your meals feel guilt free and still very very delicious.

Also, now that it’s getting warmer and our days getting longer, add some more physical activity. Even if you’re not a fan of too much physical activity, (If you are... you’re lying) walking instead of driving or catching the bus could be very beneficial. Not only will it thaw out your frozen body, it will get you outside enjoying the sun and talking to animals.

All of that walking you’re doing is going to work up a sweat and it might get your bowels moving a bit too. As the seasons transition, you should consider transitioning from using toilet paper to using TUSHY. TUSHY is the modern bidet attachment that leaves your hind-quarters spick and span and ready to take on the rest of the year. Honestly, maybe that's all the spring cleaning you need to do.


Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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