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Miki's First Mother's Day

A Note From TUSHY Founder, Miki Agrawal:

Wow, Mother’s Day. It feels both surreal and so normal that I’m a Mama now. It’s kinda crazy that nobody really tells us about ALL of the poop that comes out of the little peoples. I mean, how is it possible that THAT much poop comes out of such a tiny human? And like SO. MANY. TIMES. PER. DAY. He must be eating really well for that kind of good bowel movement right? He gets it from his mama for sure. I’m a proud 3-4 timer a day.

No, but really, it’s so beyond my wildest imagination that I would be writing this newsletter as a mother. Sometimes I catch myself looking at my little super Hiro with so much wonder that he was able to exist in total darkness without breathing inside my belly for 9 whole months and then emerged out of me with a bang and then started breathing and learning his faculties day by day and figuring things out one at a time. I witnessed his first few breaths, the first time he latched onto me, the first time he turned over, the first time he figured out that his hands could clasp things, his first giggle, his first crawl, his first full-bodied laugh, his first taste of a blueberry and mango and banana and sweet potato and and and... A true miracle unfolding every day.

I really do get to relive the world for the first time through his eyes, without any preconception to what is acceptable or not to today’s societal standards and live free, present, happy and brilliantly alive. He has been my biggest teacher to let go and laugh things off and PLAY as much as possible. My best ideas always emerged while playing and I know how important it is.

So here are the biggest things I’ve learned as a new Mama:

1. ADAPTABLE & STRONG. Mamas are so strong and can withstand SO MUCH. C-section, waking up every 3 hours for months, changing, feeding, cleaning, we are incredibly adaptable beings.

2. PRESENCE.  My little one asks for all of me when we are together. I stopped trying to do anything while with my kid if there is not another adult around to play with him or to keep him company. He demands and deserves all of my presence. He taught me to pay attention to all of the little moments.

3. STAND BACK UP PROUDLY. He falls, cries, bravely stands back up over and over and over again. He reminds me that I can do it too daily.

4. PAY ATTENTION TO FEAR BUT DON’T HOLD ONTO IT FOR TOO LONG. The amount of times Andrew and I have gone into Hiro’s room to make sure he was still alive is almost hilarious. The fear sets in and the “what ifs” begin and I learned how to transcend the fear to a deep trusting state.

5. POOP AND PEE ARE GOOD THINGS. The doctor says that if he is pooping and peeing, then he’s usually totally fine. I also really enjoy knowing my body is working and eliminating the toxins that my body doesn’t need. I created TUSHY so that I could enjoy the process even more. ;-)

I just love this little dude so much and I am so excited to hit our next milestone: to have a mother/son conversation together!! Stay tuned! Xox

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