Gotta Love That Booty Positivity

Annie Bojanowski | 30 Jun, 2016

Wanna know what Gwyneth Paltrow and I have in common, other than a love for...

Gotta Love That Booty Positivity

30 Jun, 2016

Summer's rolling around and you know what that means...putting on a swimsuit and loving and accepting your body for what it is!

Well, that’s wayyyy easier said than done.

Even just putting on a shorter skirt or a pair of shorts to give your body a bit more room to breathe can fill anyone with anxiety. Although body positivity is growing online and in a few ad campaigns, the pressure to keep up with the Joneses with the latest #fitspo is totally present. Besides, who really wants to contour their butt?

Being on social media all the time doesn’t make it easy to not compare yourself to others, especially when someone else is racking up the likes and you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong to not get the same amount of attention.

Personally, I think my butt is tall. That might not make sense, and like, there’s definitely a curve there, but there’s a height to my bottom that doesn’t seem to be trendy or popular with the Instagram models that everyone talks about (although Gwenyth Paltrow has supposedly felt the same).

Everyday I see headlines about how to get my “best” butt. I was browsing through someone’s Pinterest the other day, and they had an entire board dedicated to butt workouts. With over a thousand pins. Sure, this someone else’s Pinterest board, but does that mean I should be researching a thousand different types of squats too? I feel guilty for not trying to achieve a goal that I didn’t even set for myself; I shouldn’t have to defend my actions (or lack thereof) to my inner voice.

The thing I don’t like most about my tuckus is something I literally cannot change; there’s no magic workout to make my butt shorter. No amount of yoga stretches can squish it a couple of inches. I haven’t looked into plastic surgery, but I’m not a serious enough candidate for that kind of thing that it seems like a silly thought for me to play out in my head. Honestly, it’s kind of a relief. I’ve embraced that it’s something I can’t change and my boyfriend reminds me enough about all the emotions they feel about my derriere (let’s just say it’s highly positive).

Here at TUSHY, we like to think that a #CleanBootyIsTheBestBooty, no matter what it looks like! We’ve talked with some of our team members and our friends at THINX to spread the love for junk in the trunk, so check out the series on Instagram. Feelin’ extra clean and booty-ful? Join in on the hashtag so we can share your fant-ass-ticness!

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