Halloweird Halloween Costumes For Real Pooping Humans

Corin Wells | 27 Oct, 2020

Halloweird Halloween Costumes For Real Pooping Humans

Qe thought we’d throw our very own TUSHY costume bash. Here are a few of...

Halloweird Halloween Costumes For Real Pooping Humans

27 Oct, 2020

Unfortunately, 2020 has delivered thrills and chills from the jump. But now we’re approaching the actual spookiest time of year: Election Da...uh we mean Halloween! We’re covered in spiders just thinking about it.

Since the CDC is discouraging in-person parties and trick-or-treating, we thought we’d throw our very own TUSHY costume bash. Here are a few of the year’s spoopiest costumes, for folks who love all things butts!

Poop Emoji Costume

The Halloween Spot

Pretty much everyone is feeling shitty, why not lean into it! Make #2 work for you with this poop emoji costume. It’s the definition of putting a smile on a poopy situation. And with this inflatable dookie, you’ll be sure to keep other folks at 6 feet distance. Win win! 

Party Pooper 

Costume Works

This costume is a mood. If you want to give off a “I’d rather be pooping rn” vibe, this is your costume. The party pooper would rather work on a costume than go to a costume party, which makes it a perfect DIY project if you want to work from scratch (don’t we love a quar project!). There are also inflatable versions available from the shops

A Porcelain Throne & Empty Toilet Paper Roll

Costume Works

Let’s take a moment to revel in this couple’s costume. These kids are toilet trained! While these itty-bitty kiddos are relatively new to pooping on toilets, they are owning the category. And while bulky costumes may not be the best for Zoom Halloween parties, this could be perfect for your local trunk or treat. If you don’t want to DIY it, you can bop over to a shop for an adult-sized toilet costume and empty toilet paper roll. It’s honestly a throwback to a time when everyone thought toilet paper was our scariest problem. Even camp queen Katy Perry pulled a TP look in May. Wow is anyone else feeling nostalgic for early quar? That alone is pretty spooky. 

Mummy Costume

Gift of Curiosity

The spookiest costume so far! Give off undead vibes, while using the toilet paper you no longer need because you’re a bidet boss now. If you want to make the costume more authentic, research a mummy’s voice or lock yourself in a museum after dark. Creepy!





Sriracha Costume

This costume is *spicy.* Give a nod to the root of your poop with this bottle of Sriracha. A hot costume in more ways than one! Variations include a tunic version ideal for someone who has only worn sweatpants for 6 months. Sweatpant king, we see you. We are you. Another alternative: hot sauce and taco couple’s costume. This Halloween, you really are what you eat!







This year is undeniably a weird one. Let’s lean into it! Howl at the blue moon. Wrap yourself in toilet paper. Dress up your dog in something you sewed by hand. And don’t hesitate to send us pics. We’d love to get Halloweird with you!

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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