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Getting To Know Your Asshole

There has been a trend in recent years where women are being encouraged to have a little peep at their Vaj Mowerys and get to know it a little better. And all for good reason. Our bodies are comprised of so many moving parts, each part benefiting and working with the others to help you function let a well oiled Megazord. (Even Megazords have buttholes.) So checking in on our more private parts every once in awhile is important for our health. Checking for abnormalities, odors and discharge can be potentially life saving for women but the vag isn’t the only private part we should be checking out.  I’m talking to the guys here too. Honestly, when was the last time you looked at your asshole?

I mean, sure, it’s not the easiest part of the body to feast your eyes on and sometimes it might not be the prettiest, but it is a part of you and every part of you deserves a little attention, don’t you think? Say hi! Talk to it. Check it for hemorrhoids or polyps... or just check it out. Give it a compliment and some positive affirmation because it does a lot of dirty work for you that other body parts (i.e. your mouth) wouldn’t want to do at all. Here are a few techniques you can use to pay your booty a visit.

1. Hand Mirror:

The simplest way to check the back door is to grab a hand mirror and mosey it on down town.  This is how most women get acquainted with their front friend so it makes sense to slide it a little further back to catch a glimpse of the rare butthole.

It's been 84 years since I've seen my bottom.

It’s been 84 years since I’ve last seen my asshole.


2. Bend and Spread:

This technique is for the more nimble. This position will give you the best tickets to your bun show. Stand in front of a full body mirror, turn around, bend over at the hips and behold the glory.

J. Lo seems impressed by what she sees

3. Selfie Stick:

For the less flexible, technology is on our side. If you have a selfie stick and haven’t taken a picture of your butt… you’re lying. This is exactly what selfie sticks were made for. Slip it between your legs and snap away… just don’t accidentally post it.

It’s the other “winking eye”, Mr. President


4. Butt Buddy:

If you’re not ready to take that plunge and look yourself, ask a friend or significant other and when you’re ready, you have a butt buddy to introduce you to your asshole. This is also a great test of friendship. The ultimate test, honestly.

Friends don’t let friends look at their butt alone.

However you decide to meet your asshole, give it a nice thorough refreshing clean with TUSHY. TUSHY will have your bootyhole feeling shower-fresh whether it’s your first meeting or you’ve been well acquainted since day 1.


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