Freaks and Cheeks

Corin Wells | 03 Aug, 2017

Not sure if I should do my laundry… Or buy more underwear.

Freaks and Cheeks

03 Aug, 2017


1. Peek-a-Poo

Pull out your comfiest hip huggers, most accentuating boxer briefs, and your most loyal of granny panties. This Saturday is National Underwear Day where we recognize and admire the most versatile piece of clothing in our entire wardrobe. OUR SKIVVIES! Underwear can be sexy, they can be functional, they can be sporty, but what they should never be is dirty. I dare you to check yours right this second. Let me guess, you spotted skid marks? We thought so. So on this day, ask not what your drawers can do for you… ask what you can do for your drawers. I’ll tell you what you can do for them.  Buy a TUSHY. A clean butt means clean undies and clean undies mean a healthier, less-gross you.

2. Fresh undies for all!

Clean underwear should be a right and not a privilege. That’s what two college students in Portland recognized when they learned that many homeless women living in Portland lacked access to clean bras and panties. On top of that, they have to deal with menstruation while living on the streets; this presents a different level of hardship for homeless women compared to their male counterparts. Being the proactive entrepreneurs and badasses they are, Paige Sanders and Ashley Garber started the Portland Panty Project. These Lewis & Clark College students  were able to raise $3,000 through a GoFund Me to buy bras, underwear and tampons for several homeless shelters in Portland to provide to homeless women.

3. Post Game Anal-ysis

Anal sex and stimulation can be amazing, especially if you and your partner have done all of the proper prep-work to ensure a healthy and safe experience for the two of you. And it can be even more awesome, of course, if you both climaxed. After you’ve come down from that earth shattering, life-altering, toe curling, neighbor waking, gravity defying, etc. sex, it’s important to pay attention to your bottom and make sure you give it the proper care. New Jersey Based OB-GYN, Afriye Amerson says that because your bums aren’t built for penetration, muscle fibers can be easily damaged, along with blood vessels and tissue layers; so it’s important to watch out for blood in your stool. Though some blood is normal, if you experience a lot of bleeding or sores around your anus, you should check in with your doctor. You also want to make sure you’re gently cleaning after your rump hump and not ripping yourself a new hole back there with toilet paper. TUSHY is the perfect way to provide that thorough, non-irritating cleanse you need after a pretty groovy night. *high-five*

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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