Fashion Week Trends That Are a Nightmare to Poop In

Corin Wells | 18 Sep, 2019

Fashion Week Trends That Are a Nightmare to Poop In

Fashion Week Trends That Are a Nightmare to Poop In

18 Sep, 2019

It’s fashion month people! All of the biggest names in couture are hitting the global runway this month serving us “no one will never wear this anywhere” and “I’m a damp sweat rag passing as a dress and I’m worth more than your life” realness. Team TUSHY has turned down all of the many fashion week invitations we did not receive but that hasn’t stopped us from joining in on the high-end fun with our rear-end perspective. Here are all the the 2020 Fashion Week trends that would be a nightmare to poop in.

1. This frock by  Marc Jacobs is a fabulous level of impractical. You're bound to turn heads in the number and you're also bound to sh*t yourself trying to get out of it. Fashion Week


2. A jumpsuit is always tricky when it comes to going to the bathroom but add this chic lavender Handmaid's Tale hat, and you'll definitely get trapped in the piece Who knows? You might even end up missing the toilet completely. 


3. Queen Victoria ain't got sh*t on you... but you will definitely have sh*t all over this dress, Jane Eyre. 

4. If a finger trap were an outfit, this Leeloo from The 5th Element inspired piece will be impossible to remove. Plus it's white? ...well, for now. 

5. This is actually an asshole, so you won't have trouble pooping out of this. And THAT IS FASHION!


Everybody poops. Even high fashion runway models. Before you head to buy these fashion week trends, get yourself a TUSHY. Stop wiping. Start Washing. 

Uplevel your hole bathroom experience.


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