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ANALyze THIS: The Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Anal Rejuvenation

Despite how much Team TUSHY talks about it throughout our blog, social media, and our website, butt stuff and all that surrounds it is still a taboo topic. People still giggle at farts, blush at the sight of a bare bottom, or unsubscribe from your emails when you discuss honest lessons from your anal sex experience. When it comes to butt health, many don’t feel comfortable discussing the issues they may be experiencing. To many people, their own butthole is a mystery. An enigma. A black hole, if you will. But it shouldn’t be. Your butthole is a part of you and should be given as much attention and care as those pearly whites in your mouth.

Anal surgeries are very common with procedures for ailments ranging from hemorrhoids to anal dysplasia and precancerous cells to just skin tag removal. Many of these surgeries, of course have immense recovery periods that make any sort of butt action, including anal sex, difficult, if not impossible. The sex life of many people who have to undergo these types of invasive surgeries, express that they can be extremely detrimental to their sex lives, especially when dealing with a doctor that do not understand the importance of maintaining a rectum that is not only healthy and comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Getting Off The Subway at St. Tropez by John Wesley, 1993

I know what you’re thinking. A good-looking anus? There’s no such thing. Um, speak for yourself. In fact, there is a growing field specializing in anal rejuvenation. Dr. Evan Goldstein, the founder of Bespoke Surgical is a leading practitioner in making butts look and feel brand new. Along with the aforementioned surgeries, Goldstein provides the necessary follow-up care that allows your rectums to bounce back as good as new.

He expressed that many times aesthetic concerns can be linked to undiagnosed medical problems like anal fissures or abscesses. "I'm looking at the symptoms they've developed and what's going on internally and externally, and why they're having this and what pathology is associated with that," said Goldstein. After a typical anal rejuvenation, patients normally experience a few days of pain, followed by a couple weeks of slightly painful poops. During a series of follow-up visits, Goldstein's patients work with fingers, toys, and butt plugs to make sure that everything is working comfortably back there for any type of butt play. His patients are usual back to full anal within two to three months.

Goldstein has also expressed the positive effects of bidet use for his customers. The idea of wiping your butt with toilet paper post-op would make anyone clinch their cheeks. That’s where TUSHY comes in. TUSHY is the best in-class modern bidet attachment that  provides a thorough, comfortable and safe clean for every bottom. Keep your butthole looking good and feeling fresh with TUSHY.


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