Clean Your Mouth Out With Soap: Effects of Oral Health on Your Bowels

Alex Keller | 26 Oct, 2017

Cursing like a sailor could be making you sick.

We talk a whole lot about butt health and how it affects us, whether it be the color of our poop or our digestion issues. Did you know your mouth health could be affecting your booty healthy, too? A recent report from MedicalXpress says that a team of researchers observed that the poop of their patients with bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and colitis contained a lot of oral bacteria.

They reported that people suffering from bowels diseases have intestinal inflammation that creates an environment for oral bacteria to thrive making their bowel issues worse.

Though the studies are preliminary,  the researchers believe further studies on oral bacteria could help the medical community develop new medications. These studies could be very beneficial for the 10 to 15% of Americans who suffer from bowel disorders. The Centers for Disease Control reported that both Crohn’s disease and colitis are very expensive diseases. In 2008, patients spent $6.8 billion for treatment. Though there is no foreseeable cure, advancements and finding such as this one are a step in the right direction.

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