Bidet Attachments by TUSHY | For People Who Poop

Hello TUSHY Bidet.

The modern bidet that saves your ass, saves your money, saves the planet and saves the world.

Hello TUSHY Ottoman.

The only piece of high-end furniture designed specifically to help you poop.

Hello TUSHY Travel.

Poop happens. Everywhere. So be prepared with the TUSHY Travel, the only collapsible and expandable portable bidet that fits discreetly in your backpack, purse or fanny pack.

Hello Bamboo TP.

Go tree-free with TUSHY Bamboo Toilet Paper. Made from 100% bamboo, it’s the perfect way to pat dry.

Hello Bamboo Towels.

Wrap yourself from top to bottom in the coziest towels around. Made from a beautiful blend of super-soft sustainable bamboo.


Shop Now. Ship Early. Sh*t Back & Relax!

Shop Now. Ship Early.
Sh*t Back & Relax!

It’s the most wonderful time of the rear. Let’s keep it that way!
It’s going to be a busy shipping season so get your TUSHY early to get it in time for ChristmASS.

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